Today’s task requires you to predict what you think Veronica Roth has named the title of the third and final book of the trilogy.

After seeing the list of challenges to do, this was possibly one of the ones we were most looking forward to and we created the images above straight away and we’ve been eager to share them.

Please note that this post may get spoilerish in parts so please don’t read on unless you’ve read Insurgent!

There are three possible names that we feel the third book may be named, assuming Veronica does stick with the whole “****RGENT” title theme. I guess you could call this cheating because we’ve picked three instead of one, but bare with us. We have reasons for each prediction!

Our first prediction and possibly the one we thought may be the title is EMERGENT.

Emergent means “in the process of coming into being or becoming prominent”. We feel this may be the perfect title (depending on which route Veronica has taken with the third book) because of the whole cliffhanger ending of Insurgent with the video of Edith Prior and the whole fence situation, we feel that maybe with whatever society is like outside the fence will EMERGE into the book!

Our second book title prediction is ASSURGENT.

Assurgent means to rise. And again, with the whole ending of Insurgent we feel that from that video a lot of the characters may want to stay within the society in which they live in and keep whatever is on the outside to stay on the outside. But maybe our protagonist, Tris, will round people up and rise out of this compound in which they are kept in and go and find out for themselves what lies on the other side of the fence.

And our third and final prediction is CONVERGENT.

Convergent is the meeting or the moving towards a common point. And again with the ending of Insurgent, of course the characters are going to be intrigued what lies outside the fence but what about the society outside? Maybe they too are curious, but curious what is hidden within the enclosure that once was Chicago.

We like the rest of the fandom are really excited to hear what Veronica Roth has actually named the final book of the trilogy. From her blog posts it is evident she is very proud of this book and we certainly cannot wait to read the conclusion of the trilogy!

What do you think the final book will be called? Do you have any predictions yourselves? Please share if you do and remember to use the hashtags #365DaysofDivergent and #Divergent

Please note that the covers above are not the official covers for the 3rd book in the trilogy. We made them for a bit of fun!

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